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Perth Taxi Services is proud to offer a prompt and reliable delivery service that fulfills its commitments and provides a cost-effective way for Perth travelers to meet their local delivery needs.

Our professional drivers are given specific instructions to ensure your parcel is delivered efficiently. We are able to achieve this level of speed and reliability at a low cost to our clients by making effective use of taxi downtime.

Take advantage of the ASAP rate to have us deliver medical samples, forgotten keys, wallets, passports, or other urgent parcels or documents.

Our service for oversized items applies to all urgent parcels large enough to prevent the taxi from being used for other purposes while the parcel is being transported in the same general direction. With these deliveries, the rate will be the same as a taxi rate.

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Perth taxi - Easy Booking

Easy Booking

Wondering how to book a taxi in Perth? Simply use our online form and schedule your service.

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Home Pickup

Enjoy the best online taxi booking service for point-to-point, pickup, drop-off, and out-station travel.

Parcel delivery - Perth taxi

Parcel Delivery

Looking to place a local delivery? We’ll take care of it in 1 to 3 hours with our same-day parcel delivery service.